Welcome to Cupertino High School, 2023-24


Our PTSA is an advocacy organization that helps us, as a community, have a vote and voice in our children’s education. Membership is only $10/person/year. Anyone in the family and community can be part of our PTSA. NOTE: Joining the PTSA does NOT require you to attend any PTSA meetings.

How can I contribute?

Join the PTSA!

The PTSA is an advocacy group aimed towards improving our students’ education and school environment. We can only be as strong as the number of members we have because each member gets one vote! Moreover, being a PTSA member brings you the added benefit of early bird registration to PTSA events! Besides this, there are a lot of other California state benefits that you can avail of, such as free chats with college experience experts, Farm Fresh organic produce discounts, etc. So join the PTSA today! Membership costs only $10 per member!

Our membership goal is 300 members.  Last year, we ended with roughly 200 members! Help us reach our goal by joining the PTSA!

Donate to the PTSA!

The PTSA works very hard to do every bit we can to enhance and enrich our students’ educational experience. The PTSA is composed of parents, like yourselves, students, teachers and other community members. Yes, anyone enthusiastic and passionate about education in the community can become a PTSA member! The PTSA funnels more than 90% of your donations towards school and student grants. The remaining funds go towards staff programs, parent education and seminars, and towards other administrative costs for running the PTSA.

Our donation goal is to raise $70,000. This is the amount we are targeting this year. We NEED YOU to help us reach our goal! Every little contribution counts.

We depend upon your donations to fund our school, student and staff grants, our biggest expense categories. In a typical year, the size of the grants is around $50k. 

Donation OptionsAmount
Annual Donation$175
Staff Appreciation$100 (NOT Tax-deductible)

Ways to Donate:

Via PayPal

Corporate Matching:

Double the impact of your donations! Most employees match your donations to a non-profit. Any donations to the PTSA are tax deductible and eligible for match by your employer.

All donations to the PTSA are 100% tax deductible! Please reach out to membership@tinoptsa.org if you don’t receive a receipt for your donation and if you have any questions about membership and donation.


Lastly, the PTSA needs volunteers from the community. We cannot run the several events we are planning for the year, without volunteers from our community! 

Visit our past events page to see all the PTSA has done in the last school year.

Please sign up if you are interested! 

We look forward to a great year with you! Feel free to email any questions or suggestions to president@tinoptsa.org and we will do our best to help you.

Feel free to email any of us for any questions or help.