About Us

 Cupertino High School - Tino

The Cupertino High PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student-Association) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing all the stakeholders in the Cupertino High School community together to make Tino a place where our children will learn, grow and thrive.

Tino PTSA is a volunteer-driven organization and is funded solely by donations from the community. Get involved today:

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PTSA Board (2021-2022)

President: Swapneel Mahajan (email: president@tinoptsa.org)

The President coordinates the work of officers and committees, presides over PTSA meetings, represents the association at council and district meetings, authorizes finances, and approves communications before distribution.

Executive Vice-President: Lily Lee (email: evp@tinoptsa.org)

I enjoy contributing and being involved in the school community. To that end, here are the roles I have played:Room parent for my kids classes for multiple years at Christa McAuliffe ElementaryCo-VP of Fundraising at Christa McAuliffe ElementarySecretary at Hyde Middle SchoolHIstorian at Hyde Middle SchoolIn my free time, I enjoy going for walks, watching romcoms and Bollywood movies.

The Executive VP acts as the primary aide to the President, performs the duties of the President in her absence, and participates in other activities to promote the PTSA in the community.

Secretary: Jennifer Shearin (email: secretary@tinoptsa.org)

The Secretary keeps an accurate record of all the board and association meetings.

VP – Student Programs: Adi Milshtein (email: studentprograms@tinoptsa.org)

The VP for Student programs organizes and facilitates various programs, such as the Job Shadow program, that enrich the student experience at Tino.

VP – Parent Programs: Seema Lindskog (email: parentprograms@tinoptsa.org)

The VP of Parent Programs organizes events targeted towards parents of Tino students.

VP – Membership: Sirisha Kaipa (email: membership@tinoptsa.org)

The VP for Membership evangelizes the benefits of PTSA membership and encourages the community to participate by becoming members of and donating to the PTSA. She is also responsible for tracking member rolls and matching donations, distributing membership cards and setting membership goals.

Treasurer: Marie-Alice Guerard (email: treasurer@tinoptsa.org)

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping an accurate record of the finances of the organization including all the inflows through membership, donations and matching grants and outflows for various programs and operating expenses. The Treasurer also prepares the budget and presents it for approval.

Auditor: Faraz Bin Feroze (email: auditor@tinoptsa.org)

The Auditor audits the books and financial records of the PTSA semiannually and presents the audit reports to the board and the association.

Historian: Pamela Yin (email: historian@tinoptsa.org)

The Historian assembles and preserves a record of the activities, achievements and volunteer hours of the PTSA. The Historian also acts as a custodian of the association’s records and assists the President in preparing the annual report.

Parliamentarian: Ming-Hui Huang (email: parliamentarian@tinoptsa.org)

The Parliamentarian is knowledgeable about the rules and bylaws of the association and provides parliamentary guidance during meetings as required. She will also chair the bylaws committee and call the first meeting of the nominating committee for next year’s office-bearers.