College Planning Roadmap 2023

The College application process can be overwhelming and intimidating for both parents and students. There are a myriad of decisions, conflicting information, and as a result the stress level tends to be high. Come join us for an informative lecture on “College Planning Road Map”. This workshop will provide the attendees with an understanding of the application process and how to reduce the stress of getting through it all.
PTSA members get early access to register for these events until Jan 9 when registration will open to all parents. Please sign up as soon as possible as these events are very popular and fill up quickly.

Jan 12 2023   – College Planning Roadmap for Juniors. 
Jan 19 2023 – College Planning Roadmap for Freshman and Sophomores.
Please check your emails for the eventbrite links to signup. If you didn’t get it, please email

The session will focus on topics such as:

  *   Admission puzzle
  *   Pandemic changes
  *   College profiling and selection
  *   Major selection
  *   Writing effective essays
  *   Submission strategies
  *   Scholarships & Financial aid
  *   Summer planning (internships, workshops, etc.)
  *   Managing the stress of the process
  *   List of useful resources

We look forward to seeing you there!

Seema and Sonali

Tino PTSA Parent Programs