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Annual PTSA Donation - $175

Annual PTSA Donation: Supports school, student and staff grants that aid to enhance our students educational experience at school.

Staff Appreciation - $150

Staff Appreciation: Sponsors a few staff events through the year. E.g. Back to School breakfast, Diwali & Thanksgiving luncheon, Holiday luncheon and gifts, Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon. This donation is not tax deductible.

PTSA Membership - $10 per member

PTSA Membership: It is NOT mandatory to attend PTSA meetings. You do need to be a member, however, to vote on PTSA initiatives and programs. Please specify your name and email address, member type (Parent/Student/Staff/Other), student name and grade in the PayPal Memo field.

Custom Donation

Custom Donation: Any amount > $10.

Thank You for your Donations!

THANK YOU to all our families who joined and donated to the PTSA! We appreciate your support and generosity! More than 90% of your donations goes towards school, staff and student grants that fund programs to further enhance and enrich the high school experience for all our students. Please see below for a pie-chart showing what your donations have helped to fund.

The PTSA uses your donations to fund school, staff and student grants that directly benefit our students high school experience. In the past few years, our PTSA brought in new initiatives to meet the changing needs of our school community. Recent initiatives for student programs include the TEA program which helps bring equity in access to curricular and extracurricular programs for students in need, and  support for student clubs and organizations on campus. This year, PTSA is funding a school grant to establish a new Wellness Center on our school campus for use by our students and staff!

Your donations make it possible for our PTSA to bring in these newer initiatives that support our students, staff and school in the continuously evolving climate of today. 

PTSA sponsored events - A snapshot

Staff Diwali and Thanksgiving Luncheon

Furry Friends Finals Week Stress Buster

PTSA Funds Breakup

Departments Funded by Your Donations

Over 60 grants funded in just the last three years! (Based on data from 2019)

PTSA Expense Categories 2020-21