Parent Feedback and Cupertino High PTSA Responses

These responses are from the morning of March 13, 2020. The situation and policies may change from this time.

Schools should be closed ASAP rather than waiting for the unwanted thing to happen then close .

If that case happens just imagine how much chaos it will create in the community.

We should be take precautions first. ~11th grade parent

First of all, thank you for this opportunity to express my opinion. It’s very clear that community spread is happening. Although online teaching is not the same as physically present teaching. However, I think it’s a small price to pay. It’s our responsibility to protect the vulnerable population in our community. Even though teenagers are less likely to be seriously sick, how about the teachers and staffs? How about parents and grandparents of the students? Are we protecting them? Since patients with no symptoms can also spread the virus. There is very big chance that when students go to school, they will bring back the virus to their families. San Francisco closed their schools. Los Gatos- Saratoga also closed their schools. My friends from out-of-state which has far far less cases than our county, also closed their schools. Do we really have to wait until someone is sick to act? Shouldn’t we proactively prevent it from happening? I urge you to pass my opinion to the school. We really need to act before it’s too late. If the school still insists on keeping the school open, can the students choose to stay home without any consequences? CUSD is giving this option at least. Thank you. ~10th grade parent

Response: At this time, parents can keep their children home from Cupertino High School while they do distance learning due to concerns over the Covid-19 virus without the absence being considered an unexcused absence. To do this, email the appropriate Assistant Principal based on your child’s last name ( and also send a copy to Kami Tomberlain, principal. [All email addresses are in the format]. The email should state that you are requesting distance learning for your child due to concerns with the Covid-19 virus. The Assistant Principal will set up the distance learning with your child’s teachers. 

Thank you for the open, transparent communication – that is the backbone in any crisis. Can you please confirm that an absent due to concern and not due to any illness, will be considered excused. Asking because for the CUSD elementary school, we have been specifically told that it will be unexcused. -10th grade parent

Response: See the response above regarding absences at Cupertino High School. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on the policies of CUSD.

Thank you for the thoughtful and comprehensive notes shared on 3/12/2020 by the PTSA Board/COVID-19 Task Force.

I have a very small comment that this item “Absenteeism is not a problem for FUHSD and school funding is not tied to attendance,” while true, may be a little bit misleading.

It is my understanding that teachers can/will only be paid if/when they are physically present on school campuses. In the event that a complete school closure is necessary, it is imperative that faculty and staff receive all regular pay and complete compensation.

Is it the expectation that FUHSD is prepared to honor full contractual obligations to faculty and staff in the event that a complete school closure (no one permitted on campus except those responsible for preparing or distributing meals)?

Also, if the owner of this form were to revise it, it may be helpful to add the option that allows respondents to choose to receive a copy of their responses via email.

Thank you again for helping the community stay well-informed during this challenging time. ~Parent of 10th grade student

Response: We will forward on your questions to the Cupertino High School Administration and will report back when we hear a response.

I think the school should be closed temporarily for a week or until the rate of new cases of Covid-19 drops to the lowest levels. ~Parent of 9h grade student

Please stop school for two weeks. Or at least Stop after school rehearsal. So Students can spend less time outside home and all students can come home 3-30. ~Parent of 12th grade student

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