Volunteers needed for the Executive Board

We’re looking for volunteers for the Executive Board for the 2019-2020 school year. As a board member, you’ll collaborate with other PTSA members, parents and administrators to  serve and advocate for all children and families at CHS. You’ll make decisions to implement and fund programs that aid in student success. Get involved and make a difference in our school community! Below are a list of all the job descriptions. If interested, contact Cupertino PTSA at nominating-committee@tinoptsa.org. Nominations must be received by April 27 (but preferably by March 30) and the elections will take place at the PTSA Association meeting on April 28.

PTSA President
Coordinate the work of officers and committees, preside at all meetings of the association and the
executive board, represent the association at council and district meetings, appoint the
parliamentarian, the chairmen and members of committees subject to the ratification of the
executive board, authorize finances and approve communications before distribution, and prepare
the association annual report required by the CA State PTA.

Executive VP
Serve as the primary aide to the president and provide guidance on the California State PTSA
policies and procedures. Organize the Principal’s dinner for Back to School Night. Help out where

Keep accurate records of the finances including items of gross income, receipts and disbursements
of the association, pay bills and oversee and prepare the budget for adoption by the association,
prepare all authorizations for payment as required by the executive board or the association and
make an annual financial report to the association.

Audit the books and financial records of the association semiannually. Prepare a mid-year audit to
be completed in January and prepare a year-end audit to be completed in July.

Keep accurate, concise, and a permanent record of the proceedings of all meetings of the
executive board and the association, assist with voting procedures, record amendments to bylaws,
keep a current list of the paid members of the association provided by the membership chairman
and send out notices of executive board meetings.

VP membership
Promote, encourage and record membership enrollment throughout the year and collect dues.

VP Student Programs
Organize student programs as determined by the executive board. Current student programs
include SAT prep classes, Job Shadow, and Challenge Day.

VP Parent Programs
Organize parent programs as determined by the executive board. Current parent programs
include incoming freshman parent night and informational nights on Naviance and other topics.

VP Staff Programs
Organize staff programs as determined by the executive board. Current staff programs include
regularly scheduled staff luncheons.

Assemble and preserve a record of the activities, achievements and volunteer hours of the
association. Act as custodian of records and other materials pertinent to the history of the

Be trained and informed on parliamentary procedures and unit bylaws to be able to interpret
PTSA policies, chair the bylaws committee, and call the first meeting of the nominating committee.

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