Winners of Award of Excellence of PTSA Reflections ART Program!!

The winner of  Literature — Pragya Natarajan

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One – My work talks about how we go through so much, but will always be there. We matter because we persevere, make a change, and strive against all odds for the ability to continue to make a difference. Once we die our stories don’t die with us. They live on in the universe unrestricted. And we are among the stars as matter that will always exist. This is why everyone matters. They can define anyone and everyone in the world in my poem. And everyone will struggle, but their struggles will live on.

The winner of  Music Composition — Upasana Puranik 

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One – This piece, “One,” shows the diversity in every soul with its unique successive alterations in the arpeggios throughout the piece, mirroring the changes brought upon by each individual. The harmony of the music rises and falls, like a person’s emotions, but at the end of the day, we’re all human. The irony of the name contrasts with the several techniques used in the single composition, used to create one song. Just like all the emotions in one person. Like all the people in one planet. Because we are all “One.” (Please Use Headphones for Quality)

The winner of  Photography — Srushti Adesara

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Together as one – I matter because I am an individual who has my own thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Since this coin is placed solely by itself, you can see all of its beauty and how it adds so much to the picture. In the same way, when we are by ourselves, we should remember to celebrate what makes us unique. At the same time, we are all essential to the growth of our society and we should remember to always come together to create a welcoming environment. 

The winner of  Virtual Art — Lakshmi Poojitha Panda

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Weaving the Universe  – The clock on the wheel symbolizes the woman spinning the wheel of time, weaving the threads that intertwine all our lives. Spiraling from this eternal wheel are constellations that connect each and every one of the individuals, forming our world. The thread binds these individuals together and collects in the hands of the woman. This shows that we are all like a single thread, wound together collectively to form our world.

The winners of each category will represent Cupertino High to move up to our district council level and potentially to the national level.

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