Join & Donate to Cupertino PTSA

Here is a glimpse of what we have done so for:  a few staff luncheons, parent seminars, college road map, SAT prep class, holidays gift cards to staff and teacher, and the latest event – furry friends on campus.   Please remember 100% of your contribution goes directly toward the students and teachers. 

Membership and Donation

For those who have contributed, we truly and gratefully appreciate your support!

Here is how you can help:

  1. Become a member. Membership costs $10 per member. 
  2. The suggested donation per student this year is $175.
  3. One-and-Done: This is a great option for families of incoming 9th graders. You can make a one-time donation of $550 ($150 off 4 annual $175 donations). Then you only have to renew your membership the next 3 years. 

There are two ways to pay for membership and donate. Select ONE of the following options


Donate using PayPal. Choose an option from the list below


Donate using TOTEM

Totem is the Electronic Membership System adopted by the California State PTA. For those who would like to use Apple Pay, this is a great option.  You can also choose to auto-renew your  membership next year. 

Matching Grants

Please take advantage of your company’s matching grant, some companies are even giving out holidays matching.  What a great way to help our school!

Please reach out to OR if you need a receipt to apply for the matching grant.

Steps to apply for a matching grant:

  1. When you are applying for your MG please look for Cupertino High School PTSA OR use our tax ID # – 77-0044702.  Please verify the school address: 10100 Finch Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014.
  2. Please write your full name on the “Donor’s Name” column/field and/or on the “Comments” section that we can identify your funds.
  3. Please forward us your MG application confirmation email/receipt to OR so that we could track your funds.  

Together we can create a better learning environment for our children!