For Students

Job shadow is an experience where you spend a day observing a professional on the job. While job shadowing, you can easily learn about different jobs and help decide which careers you would enjoy the most. You can follow a doctor making her rounds in the hospital, watch a Tech developer/manager work at IT company, observe a teacher conducting class, look over building plans with an architect, or something completely different, depending on who you shadow. 

Job Shadowing Day program is offered to Cupertino High students on Monday, March 16, 2020. We plan to expand the Job Shadow program each year, offering more career insights, host companies, and enabling more students to participate.

  • Student Registration: online registration form was sent to student’s FUHSD email on Jan. 27 and registration will close at 11pm on Feb. 1, Sat.
  • Job Assignment will be sent to student’s FUHSD email by Feb. 10

Depending on the host company you had selected /assigned to participate with, you may be required to complete additional release/documentation.